Dawa by Roaya Saleh: A Culinary Landmark Set To Launch in the Bahrain Harbour

Manama, Bahrain, 28th May 2024 - RS Management, under the leadership of Chef Patron Roaya Saleh, is proud to announce the launch of dawa by Roaya Saleh, a new sea-to-table dining concept. Located in the iconic waterfront destination of Bahrain Harbours’ Harbour Heights in Manama developed by Infracorp, the leading sustainable social infrastructure developer. Dawa will celebrate Bahraini culture and heritage, honouring local culinary traditions, influences, and ingredients to curate a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Bahrain’s historic port. 

Dubbed as the ‘Daughter of the Gulf’ for her pioneering contributions to furthering Khaleeji cuisine on the global stage, Dawa marks the arrival of Chef Roaya Saleh’s highly anticipated new restaurant concept. Building upon the foundations set by Villa Mamas, Saleh’s first culinary venture which has outposts in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and London, dawa will pay homage to the visionary chef’s commitment to expanding the potential of Khaleeji cuisine within regional and international gastronomy circuits. 

Chef Roaya Saleh, Founder and Chef Patron of Dawa by Roaya Saleh states “Dawa is a bold step forward in showcasing the richness of Bahraini cuisine and Khaleeji culture on the global stage. This concept is designed to highlight our heritage's authenticity and hospitality, using the finest locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that narrate our culinary traditions. We aim to set a new standard in the dining world by honouring Bahrain's history and innovatively presenting our cuisine. Dawa is very personal and dear to my heart, and I am proud to bring our culture's unique flavours and traditions to the forefront with this venture." – 

To this occasion, Chief Administrating Officer of Infracorp, Hazem Abdulkarim, quoted “We are pleased to be the address of Bahrains culinary elites. Bahrain Harbours rich history coincides with Chef Roaya’s vision as the original the trade harbour; a melting point of Middle Eastern Culture. We look forward to realizing this experience and catering to the Kingdoms growing demand for unique concepts in the food industry.”

Dawa by Roaya Saleh: A Culinary Landmark Set To Launch in the Bahrain Harbour

Bahrain Harbour, the project which hosts an array of international names in hospitality and F&B, welcomes this as part of their ongoing strategy to introduce “first entry to market” brands and expand the retail portfolio in this unique strategic location that combines the fine dining experience in the center of the Kingdom with over 10,000 sqm of waterfront retail space catering to over 1,000 residential units along with neighbouring tenants. 



Chef Roaya Saleh, known as the "Daughter of the Gulf," is a celebrated Bahraini culinary visionary and pioneer of Khaleeji cuisine. As the founder and driving force behind the renowned Villa Mamas restaurants, Chef Roaya has successfully elevated traditional Gulf flavours to a global audience, establishing a presence in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and London. Her culinary journey is marked by a deep commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and community empowerment.

With a philosophy centred on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Chef Roaya’s menus offer a rich tapestry of flavours, blending influences from Iran, India, and Europe. Each dish tells a story of the region’s history and cultural heritage, crafted with the utmost care and respect for tradition. Her innovative approach has earned her a reputation as a leading figure in the culinary world, dedicated to preserving and promoting the unique culinary traditions of the Gulf.

In addition to her restaurants, Chef Roaya leads RS Management, a dynamic group that oversees her expanding portfolio of culinary ventures. Through RS Management, she continues to develop new and exciting dining concepts, pushing the boundaries of Khaleeji cuisine and enhancing the global food scene.


RS Management is a leading force in the food and beverage industry, dedicated to delivering excellence through innovative culinary concepts. Founded and led by renowned Chef Patron Roaya Saleh, RS Management oversees a diverse portfolio of successful dining establishments, including the acclaimed Villa Mamas restaurants in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and London.

Specialising in the creation and management of unique dining experiences, RS Management combines deep culinary expertise with strategic market insights to develop concepts that resonate with discerning consumers and elevate regional cuisines on a global stage. 

RS Management’s comprehensive approach encompasses all facets of restaurant development and operation, from concept creation and menu development to staff training and customer service excellence. As the company expands its footprint across the Middle East, Europe, and North America, it continues to set new standards in the industry, leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience to drive growth and innovation.

For more information about RS Management’s services and portfolio, please contact Veronica Kosarew veronica@rsmanagementbh.com

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